I’m 34 years old.  I’ve worked every job you could imagine and after spending half my life in various jobs it’s come to a head.  I need to find a career where I can pour my passion and skills into – and I should have done this a long time ago.  This is my journey deLayed.  My name is Mr. DeLay and this is my story.

College Path @ Metropolitan State University of Denver.  Denver, Colorado, USA
Year 1 – Freshman

Semester One: January/Spring 2014 – Complete!
Semester Two: August/Fall 2014 – Complete!

Year 2 – Sophomore
Semester Three: January/Spring 2015 – Complete!
Semester Four: August/Fall 2015 – Complete!

Year 3- Junior
Semester Five: January/Spring 2016 – Complete!
Semester Six: August/Fall 2016 – Complete!

Year 4 – Senior
Semester Seven: January/Spring 2017 –
Semester Eight: August/Fall 2017 –

Year 5 – Senior
Semester Nine: January/Spring 2018 – Student Teaching, Graduating in May 2018!

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