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Once Upon a September

For those of us who were alive or conscious enough to witness it – there is a day in September…

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What I Wish

What I wish to say to the teaching world as a whole is that we have lots of work to…

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Let Me Tell You

What a year. What an experience. I started this job in the opening days of August 2018 as a new…

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Why It Matters To Me

I started off this year with 6th graders. It is my first year teaching. Some would suggest I had lost…

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Beware The One Direction

Oh my giddy aunt. I think I’ve had it. I’m done. I quit. I resign, effective immediately. I cannot take…

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The End and The Begin

How do you measure a year? In the now cult classic musical Rent, they measure a year in song and…

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You Will Hit a Wall

It’s December. Two weeks to go until winter break. As a new teacher, you need to be ready for this…

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61 Days

There’s plenty of markers I’ve made a note of in my head as my first year of teaching has hurtled…

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When @thelivbits became a mentor text in my classroom

There are moments as a teacher when you wonder if the crazy idea that pounced on you as you rolled…

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It’s been two weeks

4 years and change. Endless hours of homework, essay writing, field experience hours, stress filled days of student teaching, and…

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Am I Ready?

Am I ready? It’s the question I’ve been asking as the countdown to that ephemeral first day of classes ticks…

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Get Back On The Bike!

I have loved riding bikes since I was a little kid in Aloha, OR shredding the dust in my one…