Deep Breath

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  1. Aria says:

    Nice to read of your adventure – what major are you studying?
    I recommend getting back into theatre while you still can – it can be hard to find these outlets out in the community (although community theater is a lot easier to find than a community marching band, in my case)

    • aarondelay says:

      Teaching Licensure for Elementary Education – English focus. And yea – finding outlets in a community can be a challenge, especially here in Littlefun. 🙂 Also – #fistbump for marching band. I did it for a semester in high school. Found theatre was more my flavor. 🙂

  1. January 21, 2015

    […] post title refers to two things.  One – the original post from last semester.  It also is a reference to the opening episode of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in Doctor Who. […]

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