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The End and The Begin

How do you measure a year? In the now cult classic musical Rent, they measure a year in song and it’s a song I start singing as the days in the current year slip away hour by hour. There’s plenty of ways to measure a year, but I’m going to focus on the big things that happened this year and […]

You Will Hit a Wall

It’s December. Two weeks to go until winter break. As a new teacher, you need to be ready for this moment. Because in this moment, you’re going to want to quit, run away, and never return. It’s that moment of fight or flight and we’re desperate for a flight outta town. You won’t imagine feeling this way in August, September, […]

61 Days

There’s plenty of markers I’ve made a note of in my head as my first year of teaching has hurtled along at several times the speed of light.  My first day is on the list.  My first week is another.  My first two weeks was labeled and celebrated.  That first month, phew.  I certainly felt a wave of relief pass […]

It’s been two weeks

4 years and change. Endless hours of homework, essay writing, field experience hours, stress filled days of student teaching, and the nervous nellying over getting a job.  All those roads lead to one final exit – Teaching.  I’ve made it two weeks and two days.  I’m starting my third week as I write this entry.  What can I tell you?  […]

Am I Ready?

Am I ready? It’s the question I’ve been asking as the countdown to that ephemeral first day of classes ticks closer and closer. It’s a terrible question, actually. Not because I shouldn’t be preparing and planning – that’s part of the job. But the crux of the question is suggesting that despite four years of college, a year and a […]

Episode 7: Setbacks and Classroom Management

Ms. Val Durfee is our guest and she’s talking about starting her career at 50 and being a non-traditional student throughout the journey. She also points out the glaring lack of discussion when it comes to being a teacher marked with a non-renewal status. She finishes up this extended episode with a practical examination of her first year of teaching […]

Episode 6: Culturally Aware in a Social Studies Setting

Kelley McGuire is back for another podcast with a unique and interesting perspective – how do we grapple with our cultural awareness in our classrooms for all? Hear her stories of working with a Cherokee student and the trail of tears, a English student and the American Revolution, and a German student and the Holocaust. A challenging conversation, and a […]

Get Back On The Bike!

I have loved riding bikes since I was a little kid in Aloha, OR shredding the dust in my one gear BMX bike.  I remember the Christmas when I got a silver Schwinn with like 5 gears and I was apocalyptic.  It was my favorite thing.  I don’t remember much of the gifts my parents earnestly saved for but the […]

Episode 5: Later in Life Teacher

Come for the conversation with Kelley McGuire in which she talks about the pros and cons of becoming a teacher later in life and what’s its like to navigate through that in your early 40’s. Stay for the insightful discussion about what she would have done during her student teaching in order to be better prepared for the job hunt. […]

Episode 4: All Good Things Part 2

Mr. DeLay does a final reflection on what he’s learned in his four years at Metropolitan State University of Denver in this solo episode. He name checks Michelle Obama and Indiana Jones because they’re awesome, that’s why. Listen in for advice for college students and life in general. For the first part of this series, check out –

All Good Things, Part 1

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s series run came to an end with a emphatic two parter.  It remains one of the greatest ways to close out a legendary television show and the show runners knew how to close out the show.  The title of the shows was, “All Good Things” and it was based of the line, “All good things […]

Episode 2: Student Teachers No More

Come for the advice, the encouragement, the stories, the hope, the dreams, and the idea that student teaching is the best and the worst of times. Stay for everything being viewed through a growth mindset lens and the laughter every so often. Our Resident Grandma makes her debut and Ms. Campbell returns for her second episode. Any student teacher, future […]

Skyrim Revelation

Never let it be said that I’m a perfect and infallible teacher – because that’s simply never going to be the case.  We, as educators, are always under construction and learning every day as we teach.  For me, a moment like this occurred a few weeks ago.  I wrote this the day of through a twitter thread and then went […]

Episode 1 – Almost Student Teachers

Come for the honest conversation about student teaching, becoming a teacher, and what we’re (Mr. DeLay and guests) are doing to prepare for a semester of student teaching, stay for the comedy styling of Ms. Curtis as we regale you with the sorta true story of her dog Hank and his erstwhile letters to the (late) Patrick Swayze. We’re still […]

The Gift of Words

2017.  What a year.  I’ve been wrestling with how to write this post because this is my last post as a college student.  I’ve been writing about my experiences since January 2014 and every new semester has been a challenge and a benefit.  As I was counting down to the end of my classes, I was trying to figure out […]

A CLAS sized Shockabuku

In the movie “Grosse Pointe Blank”, John Cusack’s character is meeting up with his high school sweetheart on the eve of their high school reunion.  And they have a conversation about what he needs.  Minnie Driver’s character suggests he needs a “Shockabuku” which she translates as a spiritual kick to the side of the head that alters your reality – […]

The Penultimate Post

What a journey it has been. Since January of 2014 I’ve been on a path of rebirth, renew, and rebuilding.  It hasn’t been without pain – those moments where I found the need to change required some hard decisions.  It hasn’t been without heartache – having to lose the social life I had to focus my time, effort, and energy […]