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Know when to fold ’em

There’s a song lyric or a movie quote that usually starts the idea of a blog post in my mind.  This time around a song brings me to the keyboard and it is “The...


Writing the Unwritten

To write the unwritten – it’s a challenge I’ve been given in on my of classes. Most of my creative writing up until this point has been generally derivative of something else I started...


First Days

First days. They are always full of surprises. They’re never the same as the others in your life – always uniquely fascinating to experience. And so, my first day back in full time college...


One Day More

At long last the day has arrived. Tomorrow is the first day of school for a multitude of folks.  Freshman who were seniors just a few months ago will step foot into classrooms and...


Deep Breath

There are plenty of things that go through your mind as the days get closer and closer to a big event. Lots of wondering if this was the right call. Plenty of questioning if...


The Game Is On Part Deux

It’s here. The last seven days of freedom before this thing…this idea that I’ve put my hopes and dreams on – before it kicks on the thrusters and begins the epic journey to the...


Back to the Stage

How does one of the verses from the opening song to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” go?  I had to google it, but it goes like this, “Something familiar something...


The Game Is On

Well – if there was a way for me to welch out on this whole going to school thing it’s going to get much harder after these last two weeks.


The Great Goodbye

In just under a month, my first full time school experience in twelve year begins and it’s rightly got me vexed.  There’s more moving parts in this process than I imagined.  There’s also the...


A Flying Leap

You know that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack says, “You know that feeling you get when you’re standing in a high place and you have a sudden urge to jump? I...


The Next Big Thing

Welcome to the next experiment in my blogging life.  Last semester I returned to school after over 13 years since my first class after graduating high school.  And it was the most terrifying and...


I’m going on an adventure!

There’s a scene in the first “Hobbit” movie – the scene where Bilbo Baggins realizes he needs to leave the Shire and go out on a proper adventure.  That this adventure will lead to...