A Great Perhaps

What a ride. I’m putting Spring 2016 semester in the rear view mirror (3.20 GPA!) and pulling out maps for a trip down Summer 2016 Semester lane with Fall 2016 right after.  I’ve been reflecting on the last two years and change.  It’s been a interesting time marinating on the events that instigated this great […]

On Like Donkey Kong

Thirteen days.  312 hours. 18,720 minutes.  The countdown to my fifth semester at Metropolitan State University of Denver has begun in earnest.  It’s that moment in a (well written & directed) film when the audience realizes the challenge that lays ahead for our hero.  There is plenty at stake and a plethora of people depending […]

In a Holding Pattern

Well.  How are you?  Good?  I’m fine.  No, really.  I’m great.  I’ve just been waiting, watching and wondering for the last few weeks.  You see, I had an MRI done on the 23rd of January.  And you know what they found?  A possible aneurysm.  Roll those credits, cameraman.

2014 Wasn’t THAT Bad…Right?

Three days.  In three days 2014 will be but a memory as the clocks and calendars will click over into the future.  There are plenty of folks in my facebook feed and twitter feed who are ready to pack 2014 into a space capsule and launch that sucker into the fiery sun with glee,  I’m […]

In The Valley

Merry Christmas! I hope that the holidays were kind to you. They were beyond kind to me and I’m humbled at the gifts I was given. I got a big box of food from a local church. That may have been the best present of them all to be honest. As a continually broke college […]