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Once Upon a September

For those of us who were alive or conscious enough to witness it – there is a day in September…

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Let Me Tell You

What a year. What an experience. I started this job in the opening days of August 2018 as a new…

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Why It Matters To Me

I started off this year with 6th graders. It is my first year teaching. Some would suggest I had lost…

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Am I Ready?

Am I ready? It’s the question I’ve been asking as the countdown to that ephemeral first day of classes ticks…

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The Things You Carry

Being a teacher has always been a part of my life.  When I was in 5th grade, I made a…

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A Great Perhaps

What a ride. I’m putting Spring 2016 semester in the rear view mirror (3.20 GPA!) and pulling out maps for…

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Columbine, Friend of Mine

Columbine. It’s a word that carries heavy emotional weight when spoken or written.  It’s been 17 years (as of tomorrow)…

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On the Retirement of Dr. Elsie Haley

The greatness of teaching is that if you’re good, you’ll enjoy a career educating the masses and informing students in…

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The Two Towers

Ah, Lord of the Rings.  One of the trilogies that (for the most part) works efficiently, effectively and excellently.  It…

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One Day More

At long last the day has arrived. Tomorrow is the first day of school for a multitude of folks.  Freshman…

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Back to the Stage

How does one of the verses from the opening song to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”…

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The Next Big Thing

Welcome to the next experiment in my blogging life.  Last semester I returned to school after over 13 years since…