Beware The One Direction

Oh my giddy aunt. I think I’ve had it. I’m done. I quit. I resign, effective immediately. I cannot take it anymore. What’s that you say? I have to still pay bills, rent, and support my family? Well, bollocks. Maybe I should write out my feelings. You know, use my words? Remaining gainfully employed sounds like a good life choice […]

Episode 10 – Paul the Educational Outsider

We’ve made it to ten episodes!  And to that end, we bring in an outsider to education.  Paul joins the program to talk about distance learning, business model stuff, and how do we change, fix, upgrade, address, and/or triage education without losing the plot?  Be ready to be challenged plenty by Paul and his view of the world of education.

You Will Hit a Wall

It’s December. Two weeks to go until winter break. As a new teacher, you need to be ready for this moment. Because in this moment, you’re going to want to quit, run away, and never return. It’s that moment of fight or flight and we’re desperate for a flight outta town. You won’t imagine feeling this way in August, September, […]

61 Days

There’s plenty of markers I’ve made a note of in my head as my first year of teaching has hurtled along at several times the speed of light.  My first day is on the list.  My first week is another.  My first two weeks was labeled and celebrated.  That first month, phew.  I certainly felt a wave of relief pass […]

Decolonize versus Diversify: Why We Must Read More, Not Less

I don’t wade into political or religious discussion on this blog as the material here is focused on education, literature, teaching and anything else that would resonate with my college journey towards becoming a secondary education English Teacher.  It’s important that the goals, ideals and considerations of my future public school teaching remained unbiased and untainted.  As I discuss this […]