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Welcome to the evolution of education!  OK, I admit.  That’s a bit much.  My name is Mr. DeLay and I’m working on producing a podcast for teachers with a focus on pre-service and first year teachers.  There’s plenty to still be planned, but I’m eyeballing starting around October 16th with the foundation of the podcast.  Over time I’ll start putting in walls, electric, lights, and water.  My goal is have most of that up by Thanksgiving.  Then I’ll get to work shaping the roof and getting some doors installed.  Finishing touches puts me in January 2018 territory – just in time to do my student teaching.  It’s a big goal, but I think it’s possible.  Won’t you join me?  Hit that subscribe button up top and you’ll get an email when a news post or podcast post hits.

The story so far…

From about January of 2014 to October of 2017 this blog was a place for me to marinate, speculate, pontificate, and gesticulate wildly about my journey through my reinvention from non degree working in customer service for most of my life person to career bound and college degree holding person.  I’ve left those posts up as a mark for posterity and the reality is there will be moments where I will need to textually process something or dispense my opinion lest it fester in the depths of my heart.  But this blog underwent a change that I talk about in the post “A CLAS sized Shockabuku” where I tossed the blog into Mount Doom.

I’m here to encourage.  I’m here to tell you – you are not alone.  Teachers, field placement students, student teachers, observers, people flirting with the idea of becoming a teacher – you are not alone.  Somewhere on this planet in a classroom, office, or in their car someone is processing, dealing with or wrestling with exactly what your confronting in your professional or pre-professional life.

Teaching is the most unique job in the world.  No other position experiences the demands, the challenges, the hours, or even the population we engage with daily.  But it is one of the greatest jobs you can undertake.  I’m here to tell you we can do this.  Together.  And that’s the big goal here.  Through podcasts, blog posts, and twitter engagement we’re going to get those sparks we had in the start…and we’re going to get those fires burning once more.

Onwards.  Ever onward.