219: The One Who has Called Us is More Powerful Than the Uncertainty We’re Facing

Whooboy, this one’s timely. And dangerous if we take the words out of context or try to slap them onto a broad brush and paint with them. We’re on day 219in “Love in Grace, Walk in Love” by Bob Goff.

The verse used is this –

Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant.

2 Samuel 7:28

Goff here talks about the unknown and how God asks us to take leaps straight into it. Our reaction can run the gamut from a crisis of confidence to a case of incurable courage that sends us flinging ourselves at the breach with wild abandon. Goff here reassures us that God is the, “One who has called us is more powerful than the uncertainty we’re facing.” The take away is that God’s got this – confidence, trust, and faith in Him is that thing we have to sometimes stretch beyond the measurements of modern science.

This conversation, in part, is relevant to today. Teachers across the country are facing the challenge of whether they will return to school full time, in a hybrid schedule, or full time online teaching. There is a heavy scent of fear in the air that’s been stoked through Twitter, news broadcasts, unions, and more. There are a lot of people who are afraid of what’s going to happen when those doors open and the kids return in whatever format is decided.

I need to clarify – there’s nothing wrong with fear. It is a exceedingly helpful emotional and physical reaction that keeps us safe, alive, and protected throughout our century of existence. What matters is what we do with that fear. How do we reconcile it with the measures in place? How can we address it and navigate it by looking at our local infection rates? What constructive conversation can we add to the PPE discussions to ensure as much protections are available? In the end, we must decide whether we allow that fear to, as Bob Goff says in this entry, to paralyze us. “The risk of the unknown” can be just that – it can freeze us in place and negate our ability to act, or take action – never mind the anxiety and stress monster we’re probably already handing bags of sugar so they grow and grow until they’re out of control.

Fear can begat decisions, actions, and movement. In my county currently, our rates have been consistently low. Am I worried? Yes. Is there a chance we experience an outbreak? Yes. But what is life without risk? Hear me clearly – if your county, city or community has an outbreak and infection rates are out of control or spiraling – that isn’t what I’m speaking to here. I’m suggesting that if everything that can be known looks like a green light – we go. Goff tells us that God’s got us and He is a lot bigger than anything we face. For me, I can’t let fear rule my life, my future, or my classroom. I have to have confidence in my local health authorities, my principal, my fellow teachers, my soon to be students – but over all of that I have to have faith and trust in God that He’ll get me and us through this. It may not be pretty, it won’t be sunshine and rainbows – but it’ll be.

Give Grace, Live in and with Love, Overflow with Compassion and Care to all, and Mire in Mercy.

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