“…and across the line!”

Back in December I wrote a blog post entitled, “Coming into Gambon” where I talked about how it felt to nearly reach the end of the semester and I alluded to the last turn on the “Top Gear UK” track.  I’m going back to familiar territory today as the headline for this post is a quote from Jeremy Clarkson’s (now formerly) usual final part of the narration from the test track segment of show.

I’m nearly to the end of my second full semester of school and if you’re keeping track on the home game that’s almost one full year of this great experiment in a hard reset of my life.  This time around I’m doing much better coming into ‘Gambon’ with my classes.  I’ve managed to rescue my human biology grade from the basement where it was digging its own grave and pull it up the stairs.  I’m even on track to take a ‘B’ average class grade in my Weather/Climate class and push, pull and drag it to a sterling gold ‘A’.

I’ve even found the strength, courage and wherewithal to succeed in defeating a class I’ve thrice failed.  Never mind that this class is a basic research essay class that is a basic level requirement.  All you need to know is that my joy is found in writing which allows me to be verbose not clinical.  But life isn’t about what brings you joy – it’s about doing what you have to do to do what you want to do.  Hence why my life had a hard reset a year and a half ago.  I need to finish school and get a degree to pursue the career that is my destiny.  Destiny doesn’t usually involve a simple story.  It’s an epic journey of disappointment, challenge and struggle.

My journey isn’t over by a long shot. This semester will end but in two months I will return to these hallowed halls to hit the books once more and move the goalposts a few more inches down the field.   I’m ready to lock up this semester and start the preparation for the next steps where there’s plenty more material waiting to be written down here, on this blog.

So, it’s ‘onwards and upwards’ for me today.  Ever onwards.

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