Back To The Future, Part 1

I waxed poetic about BTTF: Part II (and plenty of other sequels) back in January as I shared my hopes for the start of the Spring 2015 semester.  You’re probably thinking that I’m going to dig up and reuse the theme as I approach Fall 2015.  You’re a regular Sherlock Holmes, you are!

The original movie that launched the trilogy is beautiful in nearly every way.  It’s a fantastical journey with a crazed Doc Brown and an overwhelmed Marty McFly.  Thrown back in time by accident he stumbles his way through a oldies but goldy town and makes such a mess of things that his existence is nearly erased.  The hijinks include being crushed on by his high school aged mother and then has a car based kissed planted on his mouth by his boy crazy mom.  I don’t think a movie like this could ever be made today because we’d lose our minds over the implications, the ideas, the themes and just about dang near everything else.  Twitter would be foaming at the mouth!

All that said – this run up to this semester feels less like a dark gritty middle movie designed to break molds and more like a fresh take on an old idea.  There are no earth science classes this semester.  No history classes.  No human biology classes.  The course load is straight ENG (English) classes with the exception of a Education Technology class.  I even managed to get a Intro to Cinema Studies Class in there as a fun class.  That promises plenty of blog worthy material.

So now it’s all countdown-y around here with school supplies filling my head and book orders spilling from Post-It to Post It.  I have maybe a semester after this before I start getting into my education classes and teaching classes.  And that’s scary.  Not like scared and going to run away (although sometimes as an adult it seems the appropriate move) but scared that the reality of my future career is lumbering closer and closer like a feral zombie in the simmering streets of Atlanta.  There’s your Walking Dead reference, if you’ve been waiting for that to finally show up.

So, that’s where I’m at today.  I’m sure my nerves will jangle a few more times before the 17th.

I do wish I had a DeLorean, however.  I’m sure the Department of Education wouldn’t have an issue if I spent some loan money on acquiring one of those.

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