Back to the Stage

How does one of the verses from the opening song to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” go?  I had to google it, but it goes like this,

“Something familiar something peculiar something for everyone.”


13 years ago last May I graduated from Littleton High School and set forth on a journey.  I left behind my friends of old, my family and my home.  It was a good break – a necessary one that helped push me further into being an adult.  I did one semester at Fort Lewis in Durango and then came back to Denver to do a semester at Metro State.  Then I took a year off school.  And here we are in 2014.

Through this whole process of going back to school and choosing to follow a career there’s been plenty of changes where my entire life is forced to do a hard turn to port.  All new things have begun at the drop of  hat and it’s been a jarring experience to adjust on the fly as I begin to adjust all my knobs, buttons and navigational processes.  All this to say – there’s been so much new in my life that I’ve been grasping on to the few things in my life that are still around.

There’s a play by email role playing game (PBEM RPG explanation) that’s based in the Star Trek universe that I’ve been taking part in for the better part of twelve years or so.  There’s my blogging that I do.  I’ll do National Novel Writing Month again this year – even in the midst of school – although in a less focused fashion.

But there is one thing that I left behind when I graduated that I’m a little sad about and it’s one that I’m thrilled to be dipping my toes into once more.  For all four of my years in high school I was involved in theatre in the technical trade.  I was mostly lights and became Lights Crew Chief.  Those four years of theatre are some of my greatest and warmest memories.  I even took a acting study class and performed on our main stage to limited audiences.

Which brings me to present day.  I have to take several general education classes to fill out the regular classes.  I had to check to make sure – but Introduction to Theatre fits my major requirements and is allowed.  Everytime I think about the fact that I’m taking a theatre class I get a little goofy smile on my face – I love literature and drama has a special place in my heart.

The real question is – after taking the intro class will I get involved in on campus theatre programs?  I won’t lie – the card carrying member of International Thespian Troupe Number 83 inside me would jump, leap and solique at the chance.  But I have to be mindful of my class load and the time I’ll be spending working to make some money on the side.

But there’s a rumble in my heart that desperately wants to return to The Stage.  It’s funny – once you have the experience on backstage or onstage – you never lose that desire to do it again for the feeling of accomplishing something amazing together with a bunch of folks who are just as theatre loving as you are – and proud of it.

And for those keeping score on your version of the home game – 18 days to go.  Just over two weeks before this insane, loony, bonkers and very necessary adventure kicks into gear and I slam the pedal to the floorboards.

Fade the houselights out, stage manager.  Strike up the orchestra.  This show is about to begin.

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