“Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!”  It’s that line (and so many others) that are a part of the never ending roaring adventure that the latest Mad Max movie unapologetically takes you on from scene to scene.  It’s got a twisted little heart, this movie.  We open withContinue Reading

Here’s the thing.  You need to see this movie.  No, you don’t get to ask questions.  You are going to get in your car, on your bike or get those Chuck Taylors out of the closet and you are going to run – not walk – to the nearest movieContinue Reading

There is something innately inspiring about the rancher.  When you see them in photos toiling their craft.  When you hear them speak about the life they live and the struggles they bear on broad shoulders.  Age doesn’t play a part in this – they’re a unique group of folks whoContinue Reading