Coming into Gambon

That title may not make any sense to you but if you’re a fan of the UK Top Gear than you’re nodding your head.  Here’s a link to the Top Gear Site that’ll help you understand the track.  The short answer is that on the test track where Top Gear UK runs the cars there’s multiple corners and points of interest.  There’s one corner at the end that has the infamous mark of having put Sir Michael Gambon on two wheels as he took that corner and screamed across the line.  At this moment with one more day of actual classes to go and finals week waiting next week I am approaching Gambon Corner…and there’s a good chance I’ll be on two wheels on my way to the finish line.

It’s been a long semester.  There’s still a few projects to be completed such as a theater one act play that will feature full costume and memorization.  My Art and Craft of Writing class has one last portfolio to be pulled together for next week’s final presentation.  I have two written finals in HIstory and Developmental Psychology.  It’s such an odd feeling writing those words given that it was not but a few months ago in which I was gnashing teeth over the impending start of a brand new experiment in returning to school full time.

It’s a good feeling knowing that this semester’s courses are nearly complete but it’s also a bittersweet reminder that next year a fresh new group of classes await me and with it all the struggles renewed for another season of change.  The one challenge I have yet to get used to is meeting new classmates and trying to find the few fellow older students.  I am thankful that in my theatre class I have several who share my journey and it has been brilliant to get to know them and learn from them as I stumble on.

The challenge for next semester is that all of my classes are general education which translates into probably not going to be running into many fellow peers of my age group in these classes.  It’s not the end of the world and it’s certainly a first world problem – but that doesn’t mean I have to get used to it anytime soon.  I have had multiple situations in other classes in which I was very tempted to flip a table or even put my head through a desk.  It’s hard being older, somewhat wiser and a little more grown up about life.  You learn to practice breathing exercises and counting to ten over and over and over again.

Sarcasm aside I’m looking forward to another semester.  I’m ready to get into some different classes with new professors and sharpen my skills even further in preparation for my eventual ascension to the Teaching Throne.

I am also ready for this semester to end, be done, lit on fire and buried in the depths of the Marianas Trench.

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