Insurrection is Intolerable

This post was originally posted to Facebook, but I did not want to link into my friends and family comments, so I’ve posted the original post with notes on the edits. This was originally posted on 1/7/2021

edited 1/8/2021 to note the following – an additional death was recorded in the loss of a Capitol Police Officer bringing the loss of life to 5.  Additional information added at the end for further reference and evidence including further allegations that some police and law enforcement members in the crowd assisted with the breaching of the capitol.  The original post below, aside from those additions and updates, remains unchanged.

Original post –

As the reporters continue to dig into the events, the stories, and more – I want to spotlight this element.  There is growing (and by growing I mean a helluva lot) of evidence that significant elements within the protest had intentions of holding hostages, and possibly causing harm to elected officials.   

The attached photo and this linked article help to further detail what occurred –

In addition – there are videos of folks with press badges identifying them as press badges being manhandled, threatened, and physically assaulted via being pulled away from their fellow reporters and being thrown over a wall where thankfully someone intervenes – but even then there is a pile on that chills my former high school newspaper kid blood –

The events of Wednesday cannot be ignored.  They cannot be rationalized.  They cannot be accepted.  The Capitol Building of the United States was attacked, sieged, and breached with significant damage and destruction.  The last time an event of this magnitude occurred was in 1812, some 208 years ago.  People were taking cover in fear for their very lives.  At the current count, four people have died.  One was shot by the police attempting to breach the doors of the Senate, one died of a stroke, another heart attack, and another trampled to death.

I have warned.  I have written posts about our discourse and rhetoric.  You repeat the lie about a stolen election enough from a position of power – it becomes a reality.  You empower and enable people to believe that if they storm the House and the Senate – that that will turn the tide of the election results.  That once they got into the building, they had no idea what to do next.  That they believed that they had won and Trump was with them and that he would now win the election.

Trump said he would walk to the Capital with them.  He did not.

Judges across this country and courts across this country have taken cases, examined the submitted files, and have ruled overwhelmingly that the election was not stolen.  That the results should stand.  The House and the Senate have debated, voted, and certified the election results.

The election wasn’t stolen in the sense you think.  The results (Georgia excepted) across the country was that Democrats didn’t pick up a sweeping victory in the House or Senate.  The indictment from the voters (and in record numbers) was on the Presidency of the United States of America and that they did not wish to see another term with Trump.

I didn’t vote for him last time, and I didn’t vote for him this time.  I know plenty of my (R) and conservative brethren were growing tired of his antics, his half-truths, his outright lies, his public pugilistic rhetoric from his bully pulpit.  The election was a decisive statement on one man – Donald Trump.  

I have friends and family who adore him.  I make no apologies for the following statement – Donald Trump is the only one to blame for this election being stolen.  He stole it from himself.  Through his words, his actions, his manner of belittling, of demonizing, of insulting – he owns this election and the result that was certified early this morning in Washington D.C.  Blaming others for one’s own failure is a tried and true method but when it’s used from the position of the Highest Office in the Land as POTUS….there are some things folks in this country won’t stomach.  And so many of them used their vote, and they voted him out.

If the Presidential election was stolen in the fashion it was alleged, then every single ballot for every single position for every single state, county, city, and more is invalid.  It would mean the end of our electoral process, our trust in the election systems, and the end of our country as a Republic.  Without it, we’re done.  That’s how serious this accusation was, and the evidence that was put forth to each court case, to each judge was summarily examined, and judged wanting.

The last two days have been ample evidence that we have significant troubles in this country.  That we have an expansive canyon that separates us that we have got to find a way to fill.  It’s going to take time.  It’s going to take work.  It’s going to take effort.  It’s going to take people doing the work.

My faith in Jesus remains unchanging.  My faith in His people – that’s another story for another post.  We have work to do in our churches across this great country.

Love one another.  Treat each other like human beings. Accept that we can, and will be wrong about things in our lives.  Understand that change, and accepting change – that’s a part of life we cannot hope to fight.  You will end up exhausted, angry, tired, upset, and looking for a fight.

Speak love.  Live love. Be love. Act in love.  We have a lot of work to do, and we need to get to work.

Join me, won’t you, in continuing to form a more perfect union?

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution…”

Additional Links  added on 1/8/2021-

The link below gives further details on the shooting death of a rioter.  She was attempting to break through the window of the door and further gain access to the inside of the capitol building.

Pipe bombs were located at the RNC and DNC.  Photos and further details on that is located at the below link:

Additional information on the police officer who died:

Further details on the resignation of the Capitol Police Chief and additional details on his failings, the failures of the sergeant at arms, and others in creating a situation in which the insurrection was allowed to occur.

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