One Day More

At long last the day has arrived.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for a multitude of folks.  Freshman who were seniors just a few months ago will step foot into classrooms and start down the next road in their educational journey.  Books will be opened, notes will be taken and most of all – the future will begin to learn how to change the world in various small and big ways.

I’ll begin school as well and I’m nervous – as nervous as anyone would be on their first day of school.  I don’t remember my first day of high school – but I do remember my first day of college all those years ago in Durango at Fort Lewis College.  I knew nobody there, I didn’t even know who my roommate was and hilariously enough – he didn’t know he was getting one.

It was an unlikely partnership.  Evan was a climber, skier and everything else -ier.  I was a computer nerd who liked playing computer games and being nerdy.  He was accepting of me – which all these years later I am very thankful for his kindness.  I didn’t fit in with anyone in the dorm and he put up with me.  So, Evan – if you’re out there – thank you.

It was a very nervous time for me being away from the parents and on my own.  I think that’s the word I’d use to describe my feeling about to tomorrow – nervousness.  I’ll get over it and like I did in Durango I’ll put on my game face.

One day more.  Onwards and upwards.

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