Peace For Our Time!

Neville Chamberlain will always be remembered for those words.  On his return to London in 1938 on a Friday in September the British Prime Minister returned from Germany with a piece of paper assuring everyone that there would be not be another War to End All Wars.  Well, we all know how that ended. World War II exploded shortly afterwards.  I feel a bit like Chamberlain right now as the semester’s been over for a few weeks.  I’ve had my grades returned (3.75 GPA!) and signed up for fall classes.  It feels faintly like victory but my mind knows.  The War isn’t over.

Yes, school has finished for the semester.  I squeaked out a B+ in my Human Biology for Non-Majors class.  That is nearly a Pope level miracle given that the entire class routinely bombed the tests and was struggling to comprehend the topics, concepts and general ideas around the class.  I hit the books hard on the last test and the final.  I managed to kick it at least over the uprights with some assistance from the ever present curve our class carved out.

Now I’m working as many hours at my part time job while eyeing the terrifying thought that I have signed up for 18 credit hours next semester.  That’s six classes for those of you following along at home.  I’ve got 120 credit hours to complete and with my fall classes loaded into the tubes, the completed hours stands at 72. There’s still time to contemplate whether or not I’m bonkers level crazy.

So the summer is here.  I’ll be enjoying some time with long lost friends, catching up with hobbies I’ve left to die in the mine shaft and trying to remain sane because I suddenly have time to do things.  I haven’t had the shakes yet, but I’m sure that’s coming next.

See you in August…or sooner if I have complete mental meltdown.

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