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Hold Fast

Teaching is hard.  It is a challenging enterprise.  Don’t take this as whining, mind you.  Teaching should be hard.  It…

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Know When to Hold ‘Em

I love writing reflections on this blog – having been doing it for the better part of six years it…

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Let Me Tell You

What a year. What an experience. I started this job in the opening days of August 2018 as a new…

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You Will Hit a Wall

It’s December. Two weeks to go until winter break. As a new teacher, you need to be ready for this…

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61 Days

There’s plenty of markers I’ve made a note of in my head as my first year of teaching has hurtled…

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Am I Ready?

Am I ready? It’s the question I’ve been asking as the countdown to that ephemeral first day of classes ticks…

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Get Back On The Bike!

I have loved riding bikes since I was a little kid in Aloha, OR shredding the dust in my one…

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The Gift of Words

2017.  What a year.  I’ve been wrestling with how to write this post because this is my last post as…

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The Penultimate Post

What a journey it has been. Since January of 2014 I’ve been on a path of rebirth, renew, and rebuilding. …