Star Trek: The Next Generation’s series run came to an end with a emphatic two parter.  It remains one of the greatest ways to close out a legendary television show and the show runners knew how to close out the show.  The title of the shows was, “All Good Things”Continue Reading

A year ago on the 19th of July I wrote a blog post about being “In the Valley of Peace”.  I talked about why it was important to take a Sabbath away from the (at times) soul crushing nature of life and the things it requires of us.  Well, summerContinue Reading

The titled movie came out in 2000 and since I was in high school at the time (get off my lawn, natch) I didn’t give it two seconds consideration as I was a grown up, dang it, and I would not be seeing a kids cartoon movie, dang it.  Well,Continue Reading

Neville Chamberlain will always be remembered for those words.  On his return to London in 1938 on a Friday in September the British Prime Minister returned from Germany with a piece of paper assuring everyone that there would be not be another War to End All Wars.  Well, we all know howContinue Reading

I’ve never been in a hurricane.  I’m not sure I’d ever have the desire to ride out one of those phenomena.  But I can attest to the experience of the Eye.  Hurricanes are terrible creatures of nature that show no mercy and give no quarter as they plow through whateverContinue Reading

That title may not make any sense to you but if you’re a fan of the UK Top Gear than you’re nodding your head.  Here’s a link to the Top Gear Site that’ll help you understand the track.  The short answer is that on the test track where Top Gear UKContinue Reading