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The Long Way Round

We’re coming up on the anniversary of when everything shut down, and we all went inside in hopes of containing…

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Hold Fast

Teaching is hard.  It is a challenging enterprise.  Don’t take this as whining, mind you.  Teaching should be hard.  It…

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The Next Great Mayhaps

We all have a dream.  It is that thing we all wish for, desire, and stop in wonder every so…

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2019 Wasn’t That Bad, Right?

In the theme of closing out the year, I’ve taken up a unintentional tradition since 2014 – writing a blog…

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61 Days

There’s plenty of markers I’ve made a note of in my head as my first year of teaching has hurtled…

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The Rookie

Up until this semester everything has followed the traditional school path.  Go to class. Attend the lecture with notebook and…

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The Great Goodbye

In just under a month, my first full time school experience in twelve year begins and it’s rightly got me…