About Me

My name is Aaron DeLay. I’m an English teacher. I’ve been teaching since August of 2018. I’ll list out my ‘resume’ as it were at the end.

About The Devotions

I use several devotions. Currently, I use “The Bard and The Bible” by Bob Hostetler, “52 Weeks with Jesus” by James Merritt, “52 Weeks through The Bible” by James Merritt, and “Live in Grace, Walk in Love” by Bob Goff.

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Teacher Resume

I spent 18 years of my life working in customer service, middle management, and the service industry growing frustrated with my position in life. I made the decision in November of 2013 to return to school for my first degree and enrolled at Metro State University of Denver. I took my first class in January of 2014 and graduated in May 2018.

Student Teaching

Newton Middle School, Centennial Colorado
w/ 8th grade students in a ELA Classroom
January 2018 to May 2018

Teaching Positions

1st Year - 2018-2019
    6th Grade Literacy
    Fort Morgan Middle School
2nd Year - 2019-2020
    6th Grade Literacy
    Fort Morgan Middle School
3rd Year - 2020-2021
    High School English Language Arts
    Lincoln High School, Fort Morgan
    Alternative High School (9th to 12th grades)