The Next Big Thing

Welcome to the next experiment in my blogging life.  Last semester I returned to school after over 13 years since my first class after graduating high school.  And it was the most terrifying and amazing experience in thirty two years of being alive.  I was back in class.  Thankfully due to my school being a commuter school I shared a room with some younger folks (get off my lawn, by the way) but there was some balance in ages.  That helped me realize that I wasn’t the only one coming back to school.

I left school because I didn’t like it.  When you’re 19 years old you make dumb decisions.  We all do it.  I took a year off after two semesters at two different schools.  That year turned into two and so on.  Coming back to school was like a deep long pull of refreshing spring water.  It felt natural this time.  I liked it.  I enjoyed taking notes.  I even felt challenged by the free writing and the tests.  There was even a paper I had to write and it took a few late nights and long days – but I got it done.

I ended my semester with a ‘B’ grade.  This was a great feeling.  I could do this again.  I can do this again.

DSC00593This week has been me digging into the massive pile of stuff to do.  Immunization records need turning in, financial aid forms need completing and the ever important academic advising is now scheduled.  With all the ducks in a row (and quacking happily) I should be able to select classes within a few days.

That will set in motion the greatest challenge I will have ever faced.  Finishing college.  I never did and it’s always bothered me on some level.  I know my skills and talents over the years have allowed me to work in jobs that probably wouldn’t have been on my radar if I had done the due diligence of a college education or even (as Mike Rowe has been saying a lot lately) a trade school education.  Perhaps my path can serve as a cautionary tale to never give up learning or seeking the knowledge that will help lock in that career.

There’s a month to go before classes start.  In that time I need to lock in the money from Financial Aid, ensure I have the books I need and refresh my school supplies.  Which also has me chewing my bottom lip over this – I need a good backpack.  Like a legitimate school backpack.  Which has me remembering Back To School shopping when I was younger.  Oh sweet memories.


I’ve always struggled with a cool way to close out blog posts and this iteration of my writing will be no different.  For now I’ll say this – never stop learning, never stop seeking and never stop dreaming of that one thing everyone says you should give a whirl.  Because it might just be the one thing you should do.



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