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This is my home on the internet - where all my worlds collide.  My teacher world, my writer world, my podcast world, and my creative world.  There's a big thing on the horizon, and that is the publishing of my book, "Seven Days: A Seven Falls Novel".   It's on sale as of January 15th, 2024 and I am very excited to introduce the world, the characters, and the story to you. From Peter Crawford to Jill Miller to the town of Seven Falls, it's an adventure I've been writing for seven long years.  And it's time for you to finally read their story.  Check out the details on the "Projects" page and you'll see that there are more stories to come, including a Book Two in the "Seven Falls Series".  I'm at the end of this road, but starting back up on another trip into the writing wilderness.  Let's get out there and explore!

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