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adeLayed writer

I've always been creative - from playing the guitar, I had as a kid to drawing Batman comics of my own (they were terrible, and none of them survived, thank goodness) to starting to explore writing fiction in high school.  The fun part of my writing story is that it all began in Journalism class at Littleton High School in Littleton, CO.

I was a freshman and knew that I wanted to learn how to write.  What better way to grasp the ropes than write for the school paper?  Those four years were filled with writing and editing the Lion's Roar.  At the same time, I explored elective classes like Creative Writing, Science Fiction, and Filmmaking which added more fuel to the creative fire that was being stoked daily as I learned more and more about how to write.  My teachers encouraged me and told me I could write something bigger down the road if I kept working on it.  I have a handwritten note from one of them, Mr. Stedron, who wrote that I could make a thing out of this writing thing if I wanted.

During my high school years, I found Star Trek Play by Email Role Playing games.  It's basically where a bunch of people collaborate in creating a shared story through email listservers.  My first character was Terry McCloud on the USS Phantom.  Over the years, I played in Frontier Fleet, Freedom Fleet, and, more recently, Bravo Fleet.  There's something about creating stories in the future in a shared fandom that just brings me joy.

I went to college for a year and then decided to take a break.  That break turned into 14 years; in 2014, I returned to finish my Bachelor's.  I decided I would pursue teaching.  I found myself in Creative Writing in my classes, and my love of writing was born again. I began to write Seven Falls, and The Awakening soon followed, with Gears of Honor in progress soon as well.

I love to write.  I have to write at least once daily to feel like I've done something with my day aside from my teaching job.  There's just a part of my brain that I can't turn off when it comes to creating.  Between podcasts, video projects, and my writing - I've found love and joy in my hobbies. See my projects here.

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