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My Writing Projects

Seven Days

Seven Days.png

My debut novel (released January 15th, 2024) had been in the works since 2017.  It's a story of Jill Miller and her journey from life to wanting death to finding a reason to live.  Along the way we meet Peter Crawford and the town of Seven Falls, Montana.  Jill's future was supposed to be a return trip to home after a supportive few days until it's discovered she's got nothing back home.  Love, loneliness, acceptance, and the power of a shared story are just some of the themes these characters will explore.  This is book 1 of the Seven Falls Series!  Order here on Amazon.

The Awakening

f (1).png

A story of a princess exiled by her father, the King, for the crime of a broken marriage.  An assassination attempt takes the life of her protector.  The truth obscured behind the conspiracy, together with rumblings of something alive in the far reaches of the Empire, means she is sent on a suicide mission by her now Emperor father.  What truths lay beyond the Tarijawa Strait?  What darkness lurks from the other side of the Wall?  And what of the rumors that a ship made it through?  Something has been awakened. This story is in progress of being written.

Gears of Fate

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History went in a different direction when the colonies stayed true to the King.  New London is a metropolis run by steam, and protected by Scotland Yard.  Emma Tulip discovers something deep in the bowels of the city as a conspiracy is unearthed.  In the West, far from the order and control is Ellie Jay, a Deputy Marshal in the wild of Roundup.  The two will come together to fight the future imagined by the evil that now stalks them.  This story is in progress and being written.

Fall Days

The Fall.png

The second book in the "Seven Falls" series has just begun the writing process.  Not much is known, but it's in progress.  Peter, Carolyn, Jill, Walter, and the town of Seven Falls returns with lots of change in the air and some challenging moments coming to light for all our friends.  The search for truth and validation continues.

a deLayed shorts Vol 1

a deLayed shorts.png

Short Stories written by me, collected into a volume!  Still being written, it currently has, "Cole", "The Search for the Book", and "Friend of Mine".

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