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All Good Things, Part 1

"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning. And the sea’s asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke, and cities made of song. Somewhere there’s danger. Somewhere there’s injustice. And somewhere else, the tea’s getting cold. Come on, Ace — we’ve got work to do!" To the new teachers out there who have jobs and the ones who are still looking - we've been charged with the great responsibility of education and engagement - buckle up, brew up some coffee and let's get to it - we've got work to do. I will continue to share my journey as a teacher on this blog through both podcasts and written posts.  There's one more post to write "All Good Things Part II", in which I'll talk about the ending of my time as a college student at Metro. The adventure continues.  Join me, won't you?

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Skyrim Revelation

Never let it be said that I’m a perfect and infallible teacher – because that’s simply never going to be the case. We, as educators, are always under construction and learning every day as we teach.

The Gift of Words

@thelivbits.  I met Olivia at The National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference this last November and instantly connected with her passion and energy for making reading a big and awesome

A CLAS sized Shockabuku

In the movie “Grosse Pointe Blank”, John Cusack’s character is meeting up with his high school sweetheart on the eve of their high school reunion. And they have a conversation about what he needs. M

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