The Game Is On

Well – if there was a way for me to welch out on this whole going to school thing it’s going to get much harder after these last two weeks.

My advising was completed.  And this evening I sent off my promissory note documents to The Government who will then notify my school of choice that I can have money.

I’ve also taken the time to rework my study area.   With six classes on the board, I’m going to need plenty of space.  Here, I’ll even show you.


Looks pretty legit.  Big space.  Plenty of light.  Fun fact – that old adding machine?  That was my late grandfather’s and upon his passing I was able to claim a few things to keep around.  I chose the adding machine because I hate math so very much (thousands of burning hot red flaming nuclear suns) and it’s also a nice way to remember my grandpa.

So the game is on.  Monday August 18th is 21 days away.  Money is disbursed on the 8th.  I’ll figure out how to get my books.  Then I’ll do some school shopping.  And then I’ll nervously countdown the hours until I step back on the campus.  After taking my one class last semester, I’d like to think I’m ready for this.  I’m pretty sure there’s going to be plenty of surprises to go around to keep me on my rhetorical toes.


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