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Deep Breath

There are plenty of things that go through your mind as the days get closer and closer to a big event. Lots of wondering if this was the right call. Plenty of questioning if you chose the right area of study. And the doubts of whether or not you’ll fit in with the students in your classes. Going back and forth on if you actual have the intestinal fortitude to complete this journey. And ultimately it requires you to take all of those things and simply take a deep breath. These are the things I have to let go of – and walk into dealing with the stuff that matters.

There’s plenty of challenges ahead for me that I cannot ignore. Group projects, higher level courses and a return to my age old nemesis – math. Two days a wek of classes from 8am to 9pm. Having to sort out lunch and dinner while on campus doing my best to save money in the process. Making sure I keep a solid studying schedule, sleep schedule and a flexible work schedule. These are the real things that I will need to keep a handle on through this semester. They are the things I can put my arms around and work to maintain.

Getting my head around all this has been a interesting journey. I’m not finished with it yet – that’s a longer road than a short blog post can attempt to resolve. But I’m on my way. There’s a song by The Proclaimers and it’s titled, “I’m on my way” and it’s a pretty jamming tune. You should give it a listen. There are a couple of lyrics that stuck with me – and I’ll leave them at the end to close out this post.

I’m fairly certain I’m going to be taking plenty of deep breaths next week as I go from class to class. And that’s ok.

I’m on my way to misery to happiness today. I’m on my way to what I want from this world. I’ll do my best to do the best I can

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