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In The Thick of It

In the penultimate episode (‘Stolen Earth’) of David Tennant’s reign in “Doctor Who”, Rose Tyler returns to a Earth in chaos and under siege by the Daleks and their creator Davros. She warps in and cocks her weapon and says, “Alright, now we’re in trouble. It’s only just beginning.” I can relate to the most beloved companion of The Doctor. I’ve warped into the middle of my semester and I’m under siege. Not by Daleks but by something far worse. 12 credit hours.

Up until a month ago I had time to burn. I had arranged my schedule to allow for Tuesdays and Thursdays to be wide open with only one class in the morning. It gave me room for homework, readings and catching up. It took one visit to the doctor in which we talked about physical therapy for my stroke addled left side to destroy it. Now twice a week I have said physical therapy. This means I have to put it into practice via the gym on the other days. I had a few other items fill my calender and before I knew it my life was suddenly moving full speed down the train tracks with a conductor who had just woken up from a nap. The phrase, “rude awakening” is very apt description.

Spring break is but two and a half weeks away. April is next month and May – the month of finals – is just on the edge of the horizon. Couple that with my consideration to sign up for summer school and the Rose Tyler comparison starts to make more sense. If I can get two or three classes out of the way over an eight week period – that’s wizard.

Easier said than done. There’s plenty of speed bumps and barriers in the way. FIguring out money, book costs and balancing work are just a small sample. The truth is I could defer those classes to the fall and just trudge on like normal. So there’s a great amount of debate going on in my head as to what choice I will make.

There’s plenty of homework happening with my research essay class, weather and climate class and human biology class that I am thankful for my introduction to music class which (thankfully) meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As a part of the class we listen to loads of music from different eras that fall under the label of “Classical Music”. So far we’ve completed The Renaissance and The Baroque Era. It has been extraordinary the effect listening to the music outside of class has had on my stress level. It’s helped calm my nerves and settle my stormy soul in the moments where I start to wonder if I’m doing the right thing.

Craig Ferguson hosted ‘The Late Late Show” on CBS for many years and part of what he would do at the end of the show is to have a “What Did We Learn from the Show Tonight Craig” segment. Never mind that Ferguson is one of the funniest men in America and The World – the segment served as a bit to wrap up the madness of an insane little show that broke every barrier possible – in a great way. Let’s be clear – I’m no Craig Ferguson. For one – I’m Norwegian. Ferguson is Scottish. I’m slightly amusing. Ferguson will make you nearly pee your pants. So in a lame attempt to borrow the warmth of Ferguson’s greatness – I’m co-opting it for my posts going forward. Fair warning – it’ll be sarcastic and sprinkled (or doused) with self-effacing humor. Better to laugh at life, I say.

So what did we learn on the blog today, Aaron? We learned I’m on a struggle bus headed for either a swift trip off a high cliff face or a soft roll over crash. We also learned that I’m a bigger dork / nerd / geek than ever before because I’ve become addicted to classical music. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing knee high black socks, shorts and a white shirt chasing kids off my lawn. And lastly we discovered I have a man crush on Craig Ferguson.

All in all a good day on the blog!

Until next time.

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